All The Omakase and Cocktails One Could Possibly Desire


 All The Omakase and Cocktails One Could Possibly Desire


This Sunday, Mifune will have an ingulgent nine-course omakase matching supper you won’t have any desire to miss.

In the kitchen, you have Chef Yuu Shimano (hailing from three-Michelin-featured Guy Savoy) and sous gourmet expert Tomohiro Urata (beforehand of three-Michelin-featured La Maison Troigros)— and the man behind your mixed drinks, Shingo Gokan, was named 2017 Tales of the Cocktail International Bartender of the Year. Some solid personalities behind this menu.

Should you be sold, head over his Sunday night for nine specifically displayed courses, each matched with a mixed drink. From the “Spotless” course of hirame tartare (uni, persimmon compote, tosazu jam) matched with a vodka-tomato-green tomato confit drink, to the “White” course of cauliflower risotto (littleneck shellfish, green apple, fourme d’ambert) served nearby a corn drain punch (arrack, rum, coconut, pandan, cleared up corn drain), this supper will be dissimilar to anything you’ve had previously.

All things considered, in all probability. Who are we to state.


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