In the course of the most recent half a month there has been a considerable measure of theory over the fate of WWE’s TV rights. While the ace wrestling mammoths have outfitted quite a bit of their business towards the significance of WWE Network, the week after week Raw and SmackDown programs are still of gigantic noteworthiness to the organization.

The last time WWE arranged another rights bargain in 2014, the organization chose to re-sign with NBC Universal to keep airing Raw and SmackDown on USA Network and SyFy individually. The declaration of not as much as expected rights expenses sent the organization’s stock cost slamming down.

For this most recent cycle, early reports show that WWE’s viewpoint could be, altogether different. As indicated by the Hollywood Reporter, NBC Universal is supposedly set to pay a major increment to keep airing Raw. Be that as it may, WWE may in any case have the capacity to likewise shop SmackDown to another system (apparently Fox) to increase much more income. In the event that it’s valid that WWE can get an expansion from NBC for Raw and add another arrangement to SmackDown from another system over that, it could make Vince McMahon a considerably wealthier man.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that WWE’s SmackDown is being shopped to various networks after NBCUniversal — whose USA Network airs the highly rated pro wrestling matches — declined to re-up its deal. NBCU is said to be focusing on renewing its pact for WWE’s Raw, another wrestling franchise, and that deal is expected to close at as much as three times its current value. NBCU and WWE declined to comment on the still-ongoing negotiation. Fox has been speculated as a home for SmackDown, sources say.

NBCU scored rights to SmackDown — the second-longest-running weekly episodic program in U.S. TV history — in 2010. At the time, the company is said to have paid $30 million for rights to the franchise. The show began airing that year on Syfy, with corporate sibling USA heavily promoting it. SmackDown moved full time to USA in January 2016, as the cable network home to Mr. Robot and The Sinner aired all three WWE shows: SmackDown, Raw and Tough Enough. It marked the first time that the top three shows were broadcast on the same network. SmackDown started airing live in May 2016, increasing the value for advertising during the wrestling show. At the time, USA aired five hours of live WWE programming a week; WWE programming currently airs two nights a week on USA. (Raw aired solo on USA from 2005 to 2016.)

SmackDown, which still boasts the sixth biggest audience among cable originals (including news programming), enters the open market as sports and sports entertainment (WWE wrestling is staged) programming has been fetching a premium given the live tune-in that comes with it.

The Fox association has been in the discussion throughout recent months with there being gossip and insinuation that Fox could endeavor to purchase WWE out and out. WWE writing computer programs is a conspicuous fit for the “new Fox” concentrated on sports and live occasions and SmackDown could grapple Fox programming on Tuesday evenings.

In the event that it plays out along these lines, it’s a fantasy situation for WWE. Not exclusively do they get the chance to keep their long-standing association with NBC/USA, yet they would likewise have the vitality of another media aggregate behind them in Fox. (What’s more, the cash sounds like it will be truly conventional too.)

Furthermore, on the off chance that it is Raw on USA and SmackDown on Fox communicate TV, the inquiry at that point may progress toward becoming whether WWE chooses to lift SmackDown to being the informal “A” show. All through quite a bit of its reality, SmackDown has been viewed as auxiliary to Raw, regardless of the amount WWE would do to display the two shows as equivalent. Via airing on communicate TV consistently, WWE could be spurred to stack SmackDown however much as could be expected.